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What was the population of Canada in 1911?

The title of Dominion Statistician had only been held once before—by George Johnson, the early editor of the Canada Year Book. By 1911, the country held around 7.2 million people, with the majority, 6.4 million, born in Britain, Canada or another of the ‘British possessions.’ However, the foreign-born population was growing.

What happened in Canada in the year 1915?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Events from the year 1915 in Canada . April 22 – WWI: In the Second Battle of Ypres Canadian forces bear the brunt of the first large-scale chemical weapons attack on the Western Front. They devise makeshift gas masks of urine-soaked rags and hold their ground

What is the population of Canada?

Population of Canada. Canada ranks 38 comprising about 0.5% of the world's total population, with over 37 million Canadians as of 2018. Despite having the 2nd largest landmass, the vast majority of the country is sparsely inhabited, with most of its population south of the 55th parallel north.

What was the population of Canada in 1861?

By 1861, as a result of natural births and the Great Migration of Canada from the British Isles, the Province of Canada population increased to 3.1 million inhabitants. Newfoundland's population by 1861 reached approximately 125,000 individuals.

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