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Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs drink really cold water?

Rest assured that it is perfectly fine for your dog to drink from an icy cold bowl of water – in moderation. I mean, its refreshing, it helps cool him down, and it hydrates, right?

Can well water hurt dogs?

Well water can make dogs sick. If the well is contaminated, it can upset your dog’s stomach or make them seriously ill. In particular, well water that is soiled can pose a significant risk of sickness. Unfortunately, wells are a breeding ground for contaminants that can harm your dog.

Can dogs get sick from drinking lake water?

Giardia can be transmitted from dog to dog through licking, but the most common source is water. “They do ingest lake water, river water. Like I said, drinking out of puddles in the woods – that can also be a source of infection,” she said. But some dogs can be infected with Giardia and not show any symptoms.

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