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Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs get tapeworm from rabbits?

Yes, dogs can get tapeworms from rabbits, but more than from the poop, my sources say it's likely from consuming the rabbit or parts of the rabbit. Another way to get tapeworm is from ingesting an infected flea which is the most common ways dogs get it.

Can dogs eat tapeworm poop?

The flea is the intermediate host in the cycle of transmission of tapeworm s, which means that your dog will not become infected by simply eating poop that contains proglottid packets with fertilized tapeworm eggs.

What happens if a dog eats rabbit poop?

The good news is dogs are unlikely to be harmed by rabbit poop, especially if they’ve only consumed a small amount. As rabbit poop is mostly undigested grass and hay, little damage is likely to occur after consumption. However, parasites in a rabbit’s feces can cause sickness – more on this below.

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