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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tripod do I need for my camera?

Other tripod stand considerations. Consider a tripod with a quick-release plate that makes it easy to mount a compatible camera or camcorder. Some tripods can hold a smartphone, but most tripods and camera stands are made for larger point-and-shoot, mirrorless or DSLR cameras.

How many legs does the Sunpak GripPod Tripod have?

The three flexible legs offer lasting durability and make it easy to mount cameras on fences, poles and other surfaces. This SunPak GripPod camera tripod has a multidirectional ball head that lets you easily adjust camera angles and nonslip rubber feet that prevent accidental slippage.

Do tripods have adjustable legs?

Most tripods have adjustable legs so you can make them as short or tall as needed. Some tripods have flexible legs that grip to trees or other surfaces. These types of tripods can capture unique angles and perspectives. Another question to ask is, how big does your tripod need to be?

What is a Manfrotto aluminum tripod?

Its Befree Live fluid video head provides accurate camera balancing to prevent blurred footage, and its tube legs can be placed at either of two angles. This Manfrotto aluminum tripod has a fluid drag system for smooth movement while panning or tilting.

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