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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tripod bag or a tripod case?

Didn't find what you're looking for? A tripod bag or a tripod case is an essential accessory for any Photographer or Videographer. Designed for easy transportation of your camera tripod, to and from any shoot location, while keeping it safe and free from damage that may render it unusable.

How do I protect my tripod equipment?

Avoid piling other items on top of soft cases or bags containing tripod equipment to prevent bending, scratching, or possible breakage. Always make sure any straps are secure before lifting camera equipment bags. B&H Photo and Video carries tripod cases and bags in multiple shapes, sizes, and types to protect your equipment.

Why adadorama for your tripod cases?

Adorama carries a wide variety of tripod cases and bags that are guaranteed to effectively protect and store your tripod while you’re on the move. Currently, our inventory boasts over 150 tripod bags and 100 tripod hard cases from the most trusted brands. Our tripod bags come in different sizes and are made from lightweight, durable materials.

How to choose the best tripod for your digital camera?

You will want to make sure that your tripod can support the weight of your camera, especially if you have camera accessories like a flash or microphone attached. Some of the best camera stand features. Tripods do more than just hold your digital camera. These devices keep your camera steady, enabling sharp images and video.

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