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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use camera raw or Photoshop?

The simple answer is - both! Think of Camera Raw as an image developer, while Photoshop is an image editor. First, we open the image in Camera Raw for initial developing, much like we'd process a film negative in a darkroom. Then, once we've processed the image and it's looking good, we can open it in Photoshop for further editing and refinement.

What is a RAW camera?

A camera RAW image is an unprocessed photograph captured with a digital camera. It contains the raw image data captured by the camera's sensor (or CCD), saved in proprietary file format specific to the camera manufacturer. By default, most digital cameras process and compress photos as JPEG files immediately after capturing the image.

What cameras shoot in raw?

Higher end digital cameras let you shoot images in RAW format (as well as the standard JPEG). Images captured in RAW contain more data making it possible to do more extensive editing such as changing exposure and white balance. Digital SLRs (also called DSLRs) are the digital equivalent of the old film SLRs.

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