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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find my license plate number using the VIN?

You can search with a vehicle identification number (VIN), or you can search with a valid license plate number and state. Searching via a license plate and state is a terrific option if you can’t find the VIN, it’s hard to read or your car has. no VIN. In the box below, simply enter the license plate number and state.

How do you check a license plate?

Identify the state where the car is licensed. To do the most basic type of search, you will need to search for the state's DMV website online. Find the "Plate Inquiry," or Request for Record Information, web page or call your local DMV to learn how you can fill out a form to access some license plate information.

How easy is it to look up a license plate number?

Looking up license plate numbers online is very easy and quick. You first need to have a license plate number. Then go to a reverse lookup directory and enter the license number in the search box provided and click on the search button.

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