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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Ride the cable car in San Francisco?

Riding Cable Cars. It's easy to find and board a cable car. Choose from three cable car lines - two start at Powell and Market and continue to the Fisherman's Wharf area; one starts at California and Market and continues to Van Ness Avenue.

What is the history of the San Francisco cable car?

The San Francisco cable car system is the world's last manually operated cable car system. An icon of San Francisco, the cable car system forms part of the intermodal urban transport network operated by the San Francisco Municipal Railway. Of the 23 lines established between 1873 and 1890,...

What's the difference between streetcars and cable cars?

The cable cars are separate from San Francisco's heritage streetcars, which operate on Market Street and the Embarcadero, as well as from the more modern Muni Metro light rail system.

Is the Powell-Mason cable car free in San Francisco?

On August 2, we expanded testing to the Powell-Mason and California lines. San Franciscans and tourists are welcome to ride FREE throughout the month of August and let us know how their experience was. Facemasks are still required to enjoy your ride on the cable car.

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