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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best floor for a cabin?

For a cabin that is not temperature regulated, we would recommend a vinyl plank floor. Vinyl planks are a synthetic material that are waterproof and do not shift with temperature change. This flooring is also anti-slip, scratch resistant and affordable. Most indoor vinyl floors will only have a warranty...

What is a boat with a cabin?

Cabin cruiser is a type of boat that could be considered a high quality boat, that offers several advantages for its crews and passengers, Cabin cruiser could be defined as a yacht on a smaller scale, but with the same positive points that a yacht.

What is an interior cabin?

Cabin Interiors. The cabin is composed of two simple volumes: a large open living/dining/kitchen space with an open timber ceiling structure and a 2-story “bedroom tower,” with the kids’ bedroom on the ground floor and the parents’ bedroom stacked above. The interior spaces are wood paneled, with exposed framing in the ceiling.

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