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Frequently Asked Questions

What is C60 Evo?

For this reason we chose the name C60 Evo, referring to the “EVOlution of C60.” It is believed that ESS60 may become known as one of the greatest healing discoveries of our lifetime! It’s no secret that C60 has been achieving excellent results for many years for people and pets across the world.

What is C60 and what does it do?

C60 has been producing a whole lot of buzz in the health community of late. Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of C60 and its many touted benefits. From chronic pain to mental health, C60 has the potential to alleviate an astonishing number of ailments. But like many, you might be fuzzy on the details.

How much C60 Evo ess60 in olive oil capsules?

Buy C60 Evo ESS60 Olive Oil Capsules Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of C60 Evo ESS60 in Olive Oil Capsules. FYI: olive oil holds a maximum concentration of .8 mg/mL of C60, avocado oil holds .6 mg/mL, and MCT coconut oil holds .35 mg/mL’s of C60 which is true regardless of how long it is stirred or how much ESS60 is added.

What is the difference between ess60 and C60?

C60, the carbon 60 molecule (ESS60), delivers MORE than 172 times the power of vitamin C as an antioxidant. ESS60 is the purest form of C60, a known antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory remedy that works!

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