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Frequently Asked Questions

Is c6097a3012 still available?

C6097A3012 has been discontinued. This product has been discontinued. Need replacement parts for this unit? Pressure Switches are safety devices used in positive-pressure or differential-pressure systems to sense gas or air pressure systems. For use with natural gas, liquid propane (LP) gas, or air. Diaphragm-actuated safety-limit switch.

How does a c6097a pressure switch work?

Pressure switch C6097A switches with falling pressure, C6097B switches with rising pressure. Once the set switching point is reached, a micro switch is activated in the pressure switch which is designed as a change-over contact. The switching pressure is adjusted using a hand wheel.

What does the c6097a4110 hand wheel set to?

C6097A4110 C6097A4210 C6097A4310 C6097A4410 Hand wheel set to decreasing pressure/ C6097 switches with rising and falling pressure Gas, air, flue gas or biogas Air, flue gas Screw terminals and M16 cable gland 1 .1 .2 FM approved and UL listed pressure switches

Is there a reset button on a c6097a?

C6097A models break control circuit at setpoint on pressure fall. Lockout with manual reset and recycle options. Lockout models have external manual reset button. Removable transparent cover protects scaleplate and adjusting knob.

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