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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a c602h have a power cord?

Note that C602H model does not include a power cord. So you should buy additional power cord for this compressor. If you don’t do a lot painting or do a lot mechanical work you don’t need such big air tank. For home use you should look for a smaller models.

What is the power of Husky c602h 60 gal air compressor?

The Husky C602H 60 Gal. Stationary Electric Air Compressor comes along with a heavy duty motor. This motor offers a power output of 3.7 horsepower to the users. It is more than enough for you to get your work done without any difficulties.

Why choose the industrial air ila3606056 single stage air compressor?

The easy-to-read oil sight glass and easily accessible oil cap make refilling the compressor simple and efficient. The Industrial Air ILA3606056 single stage air compressor is lighter than most air compressors and features a sleek design and is made with components that are built to last.

Is the Puma industries pk-6060v a single stage compressor?

The Puma Industries Pk-6060V single stage is a professional and commercial belt drive series compressor that features an oil-lubricated, single cast iron pump. These are much more durable than aluminum pumps for a longer life. Additionally, the splash lubrication ensures smooth and quiet performance.

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