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Frequently Asked Questions

How was Byzantine Empire affected modern society?

The Byzantine Empire influenced many cultures, primarily due to its role in shaping Christian Orthodoxy . The modern-day Eastern Orthodox Church is the second largest Christian church in the world. Orthodoxy is central to the history and societies of Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, and other countries.

What was the Byzantine Empire like politically?

Throughout its existence, the Byzantine Empire had a reputation both for decadence and for intricate intrigues and powerplays. Even today, the term "byzantine politics" is used to mean overly complicated and involved power structures, where a large number of shifting alliances must be respected, and the penalty for failure can be severe.

What should the Byzantine Empire be called?

So that, the "Byzantine" Empire should be called "Roman Empire" [since it was still the Roman Empire, the Empire of the Romans]. At the end, its official name was "Imperium Romanum". Prev

What weakened the Byzantine Empire?

A series of societal infighting also weakened the Byzantine Empire's military power. There were two major civil wars during the late Byzantine Empire, one in 1321 another in 1341. These civil wars also severely diminished the Byzantines' military capabilities.

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