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Frequently Asked Questions

Are retailers allowed to sell returned items as new?

They are not allowed to sell returned items as new. It's why they charge a repackaging fee for returning devices. The repackaging fee absorbs the cost of selling an open-box unit or the refurbishing cost.

Does Best Buy accept returns on opened items?

We only accept mail-in returns if the item was purchased online. With some items you'll be able to print a prepaid return mailing label. Returning a large item. If you're interested in returning a large item that you purchased from Best Buy, we offer pickup services to help ease the burden. Returning or exchanging gifts.

Does Amazon sell returned products?

Amazon Warehouse* is a branch of Amazon where it sells customer returned and mildly damaged goods.It offers items that are in a good condition but don't meet Amazon's standard as 'new', so are sold at a discounted price.

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