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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose busbusy Beaver for your car servicing?

Busy Beaver also offer a wide range of car servicing and repair options, which can all be carried out while you’re away. If you have a flat battery or flat tyre on return, we’ll get you going and can certainly recommend a good local mechanic.

Why choose busy beaver for Melbourne Airport parking?

With 24 hour, 365-day parking and shuttle availability to meet every flight, car detailing and mechanical servicing options to ensure you receive your car better than you left it, airport parking in Melbourne has never been easier. With Busy Beaver, you also have Melbourne Airport Parking covered on a budget!

Is busy beaver airport open all day?

We are open all day every day. You will never miss a flight or your ride home, also your car will always be looked after at Busy Beaver. Keep your car out of the elements by parking Undercover at Busy Beaver Airport Parking.

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