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Frequently Asked Questions

Should your resume include a summary of your experience?

"Resumes should not only be a summary of someone's experience – they should be a call to action to all those who read it that this person must receive an interview because of their positive impact on the business," MacReynolds said.

How can I make my resume stand out from the crowd?

There are plenty of ways to help your resume stand out that won't annoy a hiring manager. The key is to keep the focus on your experience and accomplishments, not go overboard with trying to be different, and put half of your effort into making sure your resume is absolutely free of grammatical, formatting and spelling mistakes.

What are some filler phrases to put on a resume?

Buzzwords and filler phrases like "highly qualified," "team player" and "problem-solver" say nothing valuable about you (unless, as noted above, you back them up with specific examples) and take up precious space on your resume.

What words should you not put on your resume?

Avoid overused or meaningless words that add fluff to your resume. These include the terms "responsible for," "transformational," "synergy" and "dynamic." Also avoid buzzwords like "self-starter," "detail-oriented" and "team player." These are some other words and phrases to avoid on your resume:

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