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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns investor's Business Daily?

Financial research. Owner(s) Investor's Business Daily, Inc. Founder(s) William J. O'Neil. Founded. 1984 (as Investor's Daily) Headquarters.

Who is the owner of News Corp?

Type Financial research Owner (s) News Corp via Dow Jones & Company Founder (s) William O'Neil Founded 1984; 37 years ago ( 1984) (as Investor' ... Headquarters Los Angeles, California 2 more rows ...

Why did William O'Neil start Investor's Daily?

Entrepreneur and stockbroker William O'Neil founded the newspaper in 1984 due to frustration with the lack of data about stocks in newspapers. In 1991, the publication's name was changed from Investor's Daily to Investor's Business Daily.

What happens to your business when your founder dies?

Sales often plummet and jobs are cut. The overall performance of workers can be impacted after a founder dies due to the leadership effect. Create an exit planning strategy early on to confirm your business continues to operate in event of your death.

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