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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the charging port on a Bushnell GPS watch?

Deep Clean Instructions: Bushnell GPS watches feature a unique charging/data connection on the back side of the unit, facing the wrist when worn.

How does the Bushnell golf rangefinder work?

Handheld GPS devices and GPS watches provide easy, at-a-glance distances to help you better manage your game. In addition, the Bushnell Golf rangefinder app provides detailed information on over 36,000 courses and connects directly with all of our GPS devices.

How do I Sync my Bushnell device to my computer?

A: To perform a full sync connect your device to the computer, log in to and visit the "Device Setup" page. Select the "Sync Device" button and all front, center, back and custom point data will be updated on your device. The full sync should only take a few minutes depending on how many files need to be updated.

How do I Reset my Bushnell golf hand-held GPS device?

To reset a Bushnell Golf hand-held GPS device, such as the Phantom or Hybrid, press and hold the down button and then press the power button once. The screen will power off and you can release both buttons.

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