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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new Bushnell ion 2 Golf GPS watch?

And today we’re going to put their latest golf watch to the test: the Bushnell Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch. This replaces the Bushnell Neo Ion 1 watch, and adds bluetooth technology for wireless course updates, a reversible band, and compatibility with the Bushnell app.

How accurate is the Bushnell ion2?

So I purchased the iON2. It worked fine and was reasonably accurate (within 2-3 yards from 150 yards to target). But the watch went dark after 6 months of use. I have sent it to Bushnell to see if they will fix it under the warranty. Of course I am now without a distance finder for several weeks, will have to look for the course markings.

What's the difference between the Bushnell Neo and the ion Charger?

The charger is a plastic, snap-on, claw-like device that covers the entire back of the watch. I had the Bushnell Neo XS, but the screen went black after 4-1/2 years and over 600 rounds of golf (I play a lot). The Neo charger was a spring clip that had two guide holes that it fit into. It worked fine. The Ion charger looks too breakable.

What happened to the associated apps on the Bushnell Golf Watch?

Associated Apps Don't work. Tech support disappeared The watch is suppose to use a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone via Bushnell's app to provide extra information on the golf holes and to allow for updates to the watch.

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