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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Bushnell golf?

Bushnell Golf pushes your game to the next level with advanced laser rangefinder, pin seeking and slope technology. Why Choose Bushnell Golf? Over 98.1% of the PGA Tour choose to use and trust their Bushnell laser to prepare week in and week out on Tour.

How many courses does the Bushnell golf rangefinder show?

In addition, the Bushnell Golf rangefinder app provides detailed information on over 36,000 courses and connects directly with all of our GPS devices.

Why choose Bushnell laser rangefinders?

Heritage - Bushnell Golf was the first to introduce lasers to the golf market in 1995, and we have been #1 ever since. Ease of Use - Bushnell Laser Rangefinders and GPS products provide you with accurate distances on golf courses anywhere in the world. Which Rangefinder is right for you?

Can I use the Bushnell golf mobile app on multiple phones?

Our new version of the Bushnell Golf Mobile App does not have this limitation and does allow a single Wingman to switched between different phones with the app installed. Android and Apple iOS compatible versions of the new app can be downloaded at the Google Play and Apple App stores. Q: Can I use my Wingman connect to two phones at the same time?

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