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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more information about homeownership with Burbank housing?

To learn more about upcoming homeownership opportunities with Burbank Housing, please contact the Homeownership team at [email protected] or 707.890.6383 Willowglen Apartments – Apply Now!

What is BHC Burbank?

Burbank Housing Corporation (BHC) is a nonprofit community housing developer that provides affordable housing and supportive services to low & moderate income households in Burbank, CA. In over 20 years, BHC has expanded to five Burbank neighborhoods and grown our partnerships to offer additional services to our residents.

What is Burbank housing doing to help North Bay residents?

Over the past four decades, Burbank Housing has helped tackle the North Bay’s unmet affordable housing needs — and we’re not slowing down.. Burbank Housing’s affordable communities offer safe, supportive environments aimed at building a brighter future for residents.

Why choose Burbank housing Rohnert Park?

Nearby public transit allows easy access to shopping and services, and walking distance to public parks and schools means that families can spend more time in their community than out of it. Burbank Housing is excited to provide yet another affordable place for families to call home in Rohnert Park. Interested in applying for a place at Willowglen?

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