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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bulacan Medical Center GeneXpert RT-PCR laboratory?

Known as the Bulacan Medical Center GeneXpert RT-PCR Laboratory, it is located at the compound of the government-run Bulacan Medical Center in Malolos. (Photo by Manny Balbin)

What is the Bulacan molecular diagnostic laboratory?

Like the previously launched and now operating Bulacan Medical Center GeneXpert Laboratory, the Bulacan Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory can also be used to test gathered specimens for TB, flu, HIV and Hepatitis B and C by using PCR, DNA and RNA that can be quantified and be used to detect the presence of specific virus or bacterium.

How much does a swab test cost in Bulacan?

Cruz said the laboratory is public-private partnership of LMP-Bulacan with the Marilao Testing Center in coordination with the Department of Health, and could conduct up to 1,500 tests per day. Qualimed Health Network charges P3,300 per swab test while the cost of testing at the two laboratories at the BMC are between P4,500 to P7,000.

How much does RT-PCR cost in the Philippines?

The previous price caps for RT-PCR test were at P3,800 for public facilities and P4,500 to P5,000 for private hospitals and laboratories. “It’s now, I think for public, it’s about 2,800 thereabouts for plate-based RT-PCR and for cartridge-based, it’s about 2,400 thereabouts,” Duque said.

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