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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Warren Buffett’s newspaper test?

But Buffett has a smart strategy for this: “I ask the managers to judge every action they take — not just by legal standards, though obviously that’s the first test — but also by what I call the ‘newspaper test.’”

What does Warren Buffett say about reputation?

That’s a question one student asked Warren Buffett at a 2005 Q&A session with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It all comes down to reputation, the billionaire told the audience. Integrity and ethics are essential for building a solid, positive reputation.

What is Warren Buffett’s sense of moral excellence?

Guy Spier, an investor who won a charity lunch with Buffett, wrote about Buffett’s sense of moral excellence in his book, “The Education of a Value Investor.” “One of Buffett’s defining characteristics is that he so clearly lives by his own inner scorecard,” he writes.

How did Steve Martin and Steven Buffett meet?

Buffett, who was the second artist to record in the studio, tells Billboard that Martin, whom he and his producer Norbert Putnam met in London while recording a live album, “was one of the most charming characters. He didn’t have to hard-sell me at all about Montserrat.”

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