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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 10 facts about Buddhism?

Top 10 Buddhism Facts You Should Know 10. ‘Cause and effect’ is the universal law of universe: 9. Buddhism as a religion was born because of Hinduism: 8. It’s the 4th largest religion in the world: 7. Buddha is not God; he’s a teacher: 6. Reincarnation is a doctrine and not an absolute truth: 5. Buddhists may or may not believe in God:

Which Buddhism is the real Buddhism?

What is Buddhism The founder of Buddhism was Buddha Shakyamuni who lived and taught in India some two and a half thousand years ago. Since then millions of people around the world have followed the pure spiritual path he revealed. The Buddhist way of life of peace, loving kindness and wisdom is just as relevant today as it was in ancient India.

What are the three main beliefs of Buddhism?

The Three Jewels One of the basic beliefs of Buddhism is what is reverently known as The Triple Gem or The Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Buddha wisely gave a variety of teachings because all sentient beings (beings with consciousness, feeling) have different personalities, inclinations and interests.

Why is Buddhism considered atheistic by some?

In view of the above factors, scholars and Buddhists alike tend to describe Buddhism as atheistic in the sense that it denies an eternal creator God {7}, while recognizing its theistic and devotional elements. The Encyclopedia Britannica explains,

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