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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Brunswick bowling ball made?

In 2005 Brunswick moved its bowling ball production to Reynosa, Mexico, and in 2006 it closed the Muskegon plant. In 1967 Brunswick introduced the automatic scorer. In 1984, Brunswick acquired the Schmid Company of Scherzenbach, Switzerland, and with it the rights to manufacture and sell its GS pinsetter.

What is Brunswick Bowling & Billiards?

Brunswick Bowling & Billiards is the business segment of Brunswick Corporation that historically encompassed the following three divisions: Billiards. Bowling centers (now owned by Bowlero Corporation, formerly known as Bowlmor AMF) Bowling equipment and products (now owned by BlueArc Capital Management)

What happened to Brunswick Bowling?

Brunswick completed its exit from the bowling business in May 2015 with the sale of the bowling equipment and products division to BlueArc Capital Management, a private investment firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Is DV8 the same as Brunswick bowling ball?

Under the umbrella of Brunswick, DV8 also offers the same high quality of bowling ball as Brunswick. It is one of its topmost brands and has lived to the expectations that bowlers had with it during its launching around ten years back.

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