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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Broadway Federal Bank known for?

Broadway Federal Bank is a community focused bank founded in 1946 and based in Los Angeles. As of 2020, it has three traditional branches and one loan production office. It is the last remaining traditionally black-community oriented bank headquartered west of Dallas.

What is Broadway Federal Savings and Loan Association?

In 1946, Broadway Federal Savings and Loan Association was founded by a group of civic minded people to provide bank services to minorities in the greater Los Angeles area, who were not being serviced by any of the existing financial institutions. The bank received its charter on November 26, 1946 with an initial investment of $150,000.

How much did the Broadway Federal Bank IPO raise?

The IPO raised close to $9 million. Broadway Financial Corporation is the parent holding company of what is now known as Broadway Federal Bank. Broadway Financial is publicly traded on the NASDAQ over the counter market as (symbol: BYFC).

Who is the CEO of cfcfbanc?

CFBanc's current President and CEO Brian E. Argrett will take over the reigns as CEO of the merged institution, with Broadway's CEO, Wayne-Kent Bradshaw serving as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. ^ "Broadway Federal Bank Locations".

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