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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bridgestone and Michelin the same company?

Difference between Bridgestone and Michelin. Bridgestone is a Japanese rubber company with over 140 manufacturing facilities across the world. The name Bridgestone is a translation of the founder's name, Ishibashi, which means "stone bridge". Bridgestone and Michelin are the two biggest suppliers of tires in the world.

Is Bridgestone owned by Firestone?

In February, Bridgestone and Firestone agreed to enter into a joint venture in which Firestone, in essence, created a new tire-making company that would be 75 percent owned by Bridgestone and 25 percent by Firestone. But that deal was all but scuttled when Pirelli surprised the two tiremakers with its unsolicited offer.

Are Bridgestone and Firestone the same company?

Bridgestone and Firestone are part of the same company as of 2015. Firestone has been a subsidiary company of Bridgestone since Bridgestone purchased Firestone in 1988.

Where can I buy Bridgestone tires?

Buy Bridgestone Ecopia tires for cars and minivans at Firestone Complete Auto Care. Shop in-store or complete your purchase Bridgestone tires online! Ecopia tires are Bridgestone’s most fuel-efficient tires, yet they also supply a top-notch driving experience.

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