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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I Send my Bridgecrest payoff?

Click the link for a printable PDF document. If you are planning to submit a final payoff, mail payments to: PO BOX 842695, Los Angeles, CA 90084-2695. How might Bridgecrest contact me?

What is the difference between Bridgecrest Acceptance and Bridgecrest credit?

Bridgecrest Acceptance provides financing to consumers and assists them with making payments on their accounts, and Bridgecrest Credit is a loan servicing company (basically, a company that only assists customers with making payments on their accounts). How can I make a payment without paying a fee?

What is Bridgecrest financial's mailing address?

Bridgecrest Financial. Standard Mailing. . PO Box 53087. Phoenix AZ 85072. . Overnight Physical.

How do I cancel my Bridgecrest autopay?

Please login to your account and access the Account Settings link, click the AutoPay button, click the Un-enroll link and complete the AutoPay cancelation form. How can I cancel a Post Dated Check? Please call Customer Service: 800-967-8526.

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