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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in contact with Bridgecrest?

There are lots of ways to get in contact with Bridgecrest. Give us a ring, email or chat today.

How do I make a payment with Bridgecrest autopay?

You have several options to make a payment without a fee: enroll in Bridgecrest AutoPay, pay online with your checking/savings account, use your bank ‘Bill Pay’ option, or mail your check or money order to Bridgecrest at PO Box 53087, Phoenix, AZ 85072.

What information did Bridgecrest disclose about my personal account?

Upon contacting "A", Bridgecrest disclosed my personal account status. This information included the current past due status of the account as well as the payment amount. Upon receiving this information, I attempted to contact Bridgecrest on the same day, 02/15/2019.

Is Bridgecrest the servicer of the loan?

As anyone who's financed through Carvana knows, Bridgecrest is the servicer of the loan. Here's the BBB complaint I submitted today, after not getting a response 2 weeks after the initial illegal contact occurred. Yes, I was 18 days past due at the time of the initial illegal contact.

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