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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bridgecrest DT retail?

Bridgecrest Credit Company, LLC retails automobiles. The Company offers new and used vehicles, automobile parts, and related accessories, as well as auto financing, repairs, and maintenance services. DT Credit serves customers in the United States.

How do you calculate interest on a car payment?

To calculate the monthly payment on an auto loan use this. car payment formula: c = Monthly Payment. r = Monthly Interest Rate (in Decimal Form) =. (Yearly Interest Rate/100) / 12. P = Principal Amount on the Loan. N = Total # of Months for the loan ( Years on the loan x 12)

How do you calculate payment on a loan?

Mortgage payments are calculated with an algebraic formula that takes into account the term of the loan, the interest rate and the amount of the loan. The formula ensures that the same payment is made each month of the term, even though the amount of principal and interest are varying.

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