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Frequently Asked Questions

Why stay at the Briarcliff motel?

The Briarcliff Motel has been centrally located in the heart of The Mount Washington Valley for over fifty years. Through the years, it has become a place people frequent year after year. It has proven itself among the many visitor options, as a clean and reasonably priced home away from home.

Does Briarcliff Pet Resort have a day spa?

Welcome to Briarcliff Pet Resort - A 20 acre Pet Paradise set in beautiful Southern California. A Day Spa and Hotel for Dogs, Cats, and other Critters ...Where every Guest receives loving and caring "HANDS ON" care. Hours. Briarcliff Pet Resort is open 8 AM to 6 PM Monday - Saturday.

Who are the new owners of the searchbriarcliff Pet Resort?

Briarcliff is a dream come true and an exciting venture for new owners Peter and Valerie Atkinson. For many years they have been looking for just the right location to launch their vision of a Pet Resort.

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