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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to brew a beer?

This is the minimum list of equipment you’ll need to make a all-grain brew: No-rinse Sanitizer Fermenter Long Spoon Large Pot (large enough for a full wort boil) Large Grain Bag (large enough to hold all the grain) Thermometer Bottles Bottle capper A hose to siphon beer, racking cane or an auto-siphon

How to brew your own beer?

The simplest way to brew your own beer is through the use of pre-hopped malt extract. These are the tins of flavored extract found in all homebrew stores and many other locations. This is often the first method used by new brewers and continues to be a very common method for many.

What does brew means?

The definition of brew means to make something to drink by mixing parts together, boiling and steeping, or making a plan. An example of to brew is making homemade beer. An example of to brew is making coffee in a French press.

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