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Frequently Asked Questions

Was the Bowling Green massacre a real event?

The Bowling Green massacre is a fictitious incident of terrorism mentioned by Kellyanne Conway, then– Counselor to the President of President Donald Trump, in interviews with Cosmopolitan and TMZ on January 29, 2017, and in an interview on the MSNBC news program Hardball with Chris Matthews on February 2, 2017.

Was there a terrorist attack in Bowling Green?

Terrorism-related arrests in Bowling Green. Bowling Green, Kentucky, the target in Conway's "massacre" statement. In 2011, two Iraqi men who had entered the country as refugees were arrested in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on federal terrorism charges after they attempted to send both money and weapons to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Why did KellyAnne Conway say ‘Bowling Green massacre’?

In the interview, Conway apologized for repeatedly referencing a "Bowling Green massacre" that did not happen. In a March 2017 interview with New York, Conway said she intended to say "Bowling Green masterminds" rather than "Bowling Green massacre", in reference to "would-be terrorists who were apprehended before they staged an attack".

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