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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Boral roofing LLC?

ABOUT BORAL ROOFING Boral Roofing LLC is a subsidiary of Boral USA and is the country’s largest premium provider of complete roofing and re-roofing solutions for architects as well as commercial and residential builders. Boral Roofing operates manufacturing plants throughout the U.S.

Where is Boral roof tile made?

SUSTAINABILITY MATTERS Boral roof tile is locally made and sourced in Florida since 1958. 5 666 Color Matters. As the market leader, we strive to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Why choose Boral roofing-buff Flash Lake Wales?

VILLA | Buff Flash LAKE WALES PROFILE It is Boral Roofing’s unyielding drive to develop and provide the industry and our customers with the most innovative tile roofing products, energy-saving solutions and advanced installation techniques. FEATURES & BENEFITS

What is Boral – composite roofing?

Slate, Shake, Spanish Mission styles and more… Inspire by Boral – Composite Roofing that provides the industry’s finest artistry through natural textures and unique color palettes that will enhance your home.

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