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Frequently Asked Questions

What does bootstrapper mean?

Meaning of bootstrapper in English: bootstrapper Pronunciation /ˈbuːtstrapə/ noun 1 A person who relies on their own resources to solve a problem or pursue an undertaking. More example sentences An entrepreneur who starts a business with minimal resources or capital. More example sentences 2 Computing

What is Bootstrap and how does it work?

Bootstrap is a free and open-source web development framework. It’s designed to ease the web development process of responsive, mobile-first websites by providing a collection of syntax for template designs. In other words, Bootstrap helps web developers build websites faster as they don’t need to worry about basic commands and functions.

What is the noun for bootstrapper?

Noun. bootstrapper ( plural bootstrappers ) Someone engaged in bootstrapping, or self-improvement. quotations . 2009, January 18, “George Vecsey”, in A Journey From Ebbets Field to the Steps of the Capitol ‎ [1]: They were part of a pioneer discussion group in Queens in the late ’40s, intentionally half black, half white — earnest ...

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