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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bootstrap 5 border?

Borders Bootstrap 5 Borders Use border utilities to quickly style the border and border-radius of an element. Great for images, buttons, or any other element.

How to style elements in Bootstrap 5?

Bootstrap 5 has a lot of utility/helper classes to quickly style elements without using any CSS code. Use the border classes to add or remove borders from an element: Use .border-1 to .border-5 to change the width of the border:

Is there a form-container in Bootstrap?

There is no form-container in bootstrap, as far as I know. Yup you can put a border around your form. You can achieve that by using inline CSS as shown below : Yes! but i was thinking in using native bootstrap .border class, but i just cant figure out how to! :/ You can try form-control class of bootstrap. yes you can.

Where can I find Bootstrap 5 implementation help?

Implementation help may be found at Stack Overflow (tagged bootstrap-5 ). Developers should use the keyword bootstrap on packages that modify or add to the functionality of Bootstrap when distributing through npm or similar delivery mechanisms for maximum discoverability.

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