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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Bootstrap 4?

Install bootstrap 4 in angular. After the configuration of the application, we need to install the bootstrap and jquery using the below command. npm install bootstrap --save. 1. npm install bootstrap -- save. npm install jquery --save. 1. npm install jquery -- save.

How to set vertical align in Bootstrap 4?

Since the Bootstrap 4 .row class is now display:flex you can simply use the new align-self-center flexbox utility on any column to vertically center it: or, use align-items-center on the entire .row to vertically center align all col-* (columns) in the row…

Should I upgrade to Bootstrap 4?

You should know that there is still support to continue using Bootstrap 3, but due to some changes that arose in the structure of Bootstrap 4 over its previous version, it is better to start developing or migrating our applications to this incredible new version.

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