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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bonnie Blair's full name?

Bonnie Blair. Bonnie Blair, in full Bonnie Kathleen Blair, (born March 18, 1964, Cornwall, New York, U.S.), American speed skater who was one of the leading competitors in the sport. She dominated the sprint events at three Olympic Games (1988, 1992, and 1994), winning five gold medals and one bronze. Blair came from a family...

What year did Bonnie Blair win the Olympic Games?

Olympic Games: Albertville, France, 1992. Bonnie Blair won the 500- and 1,000-metre events, bringing her Olympic total to three gold medals, a first for an American woman.

Who is Bonnie Blair Cruikshank?

One of the country’s most celebrated Olympians and the only American woman to win five gold medals at the Olympic Winter Games, Bonnie Blair Cruikshank is one of the Women of Team USA being celebrated this week. Want to learn to curl like the pros?

How old was Bonnie Blair when she started speed skating?

The family moved to Champaign, Illinois when Bonnie was a toddler. Already a hobby for her siblings, Bonnie first tried skating at age two. She participated in her first skating meet at age 4. Early on, Blair competed in "pack style," or short track speed skating, where several skaters race on the ice at once.

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