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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Boer War and why was it fought?

The Boer War. The Boer Wars was the name given to the South African Wars of 1880-1 and 1899-1902, that were fought between the British and the descendants of the Dutch settlers (Boers) in Africa. After the first Boer War, William Gladstone granted the Boers self-government in the Transvaal.

What was the main cause of Boer War?

The 1st Boer war was caused by British Imperialism. The British wanted direct trade routes to India and access to the rich Kimberly Diamond mines and the gold in the Transvaal region. The Boers were descendants of Dutch people settled in the region and inhabited the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.

Who fought in the Boer War and why?

The Anglo Boer War was fought by Britain and her Empire against the Boers. The Boers were comprised of the combined forces of the South African Republic and the Republic of the Orange Free State.

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