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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current stock price for Boeing?

The stock current value is $175.61.Recently in News on November 10, 2022, Boeing, Silk Way West Airlines Announce Order for 777-8 Freighters. – Azerbaijani cargo carrier orders two of industry’s most capable and fuel-efficient twin-engine freighter, with options for two additional airplanes. You can read further details here

What is the 52-week high for Boeing stock?

According to the current price, Boeing is 167.57% away from the 52-week low. What was the 52-week high for Boeing stock? The high in the last 52 weeks of Boeing stock was 229.62. According to the current price, Boeing is 82.48% away from the 52-week high.

What are analysts forecasts for Boeing stock?

According to the issued ratings of 18 analysts in the last year, the consensus rating for Boeing stock is Moderate Buy based on the current 1 sell rating, 2 hold ratings and 15 buy ratings for BA. The average twelve-month price prediction for Boeing is $209.88 with a high price target of $281.00 and a low price target of $121.00.

What is the stock history of Boeing?

Boeing stock is included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Boeing is incorporated in Delaware. Boeing was founded by William Boeing in Seattle, Washington, on July 15, 1916. The present corporation is the result of the merger of Boeing with McDonnell Douglas on August 1, 1997.

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