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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Boeing scandal?

Boeing’s criminal conduct, as described in the settlement papers, centered on two of its 737 MAX Flight Technical Pilots, who deceived the FAA about an important aircraft part called...

Does Boeing sell more airplanes than Airbus?

The duopoly of Boeing and Airbus have long dominated aircraft sales and will likely do so for the foreseeable future. Boeing has a longer history, but Airbus has grown quickly since its founding. Its A320 is now the best-selling aircraft family of all time, and in 2019 Airbus booked significantly more orders than Boeing (1,131 compared to 246). This article takes a quick look at Airbus’s most successful aircraft to date.

Is Boeing more popular than Airbus?

Boeing is not more successful than Airbus. Airbus is selling more aeroplanes day by day than Boeing. It is believed there will be more A320-family aircraft in service than Boeing 737s by the early 2020s. Boeing’s 737 MAX was a big flop. Airbus managed to rise from the dust with competition between Boeing and MD.

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