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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best seats on a Boeing 757?

The best seats on the 757 are in the first rows of economy behind first class (some planes have curtains that extend into first class) and economy comfort seats. The absolute worst seats are the last near the galley because you can't recline.

What is the cost of a Boeing 757?

How much do they cost? The Boeing 757-200 costs around $113 million USD in today's currency, and the 737 ranges from $100-130 million USD. Essentially, the price difference between the two aircraft is around $10 million dollars, which over an order for 100 aircraft is almost insignificant.

How many seats does a Boeing 757 have?

It was produced in two fuselage lengths: the 155 ft (47.3 m) long 757-200 (the most popular with 913 built) typically seats 200 passengers in two classes over 3,915 nmi / 7,250 km; while the 178 ft (54.4 m) long 757-300 typically seats 243 over 3,400 nmi (6,295 km).

What are the features of the Boeing 757?

Here are a few interesting facts about our Boeing 757s: Our Boeing 757s feature powerful Rolls Royce engines with 87,000 pounds of thrust. ... Thanks to that powerful engine, the 757 can take off on relatively short runways. ... The 757 can reach top speeds of 609 miles per hour. ... Its maximum cruising altitude is 42,000 feet. ... More items...

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