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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bob Carlson do for retirement?

Bob Carlson is the editor of the monthly newsletter, Retirement Watch, the monthly video series, Retirement Watch Spotlight, and a weekly free e-letter, Retirement Watch Weekly. In these, he provides independent, objective research covering all the financial issues of retirement and retirement planning.

Who is Carlson Wealth Advisors?

I also formed a separate business, Carlson Wealth Advisors, L.L.C. Through this business I manage portfolios for Retirement Watch members and others who are interested. That is a short essay of how Retirement Watch developed and what I have been doing the last few decades. Of course, I have a more formal biography set out below.

Who is Mark Carlson?

Mr. Carlson was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Virginia Retirement System, which oversaw $42 billion in assets, from 2001-2005. He was appointed to the Virginia Retirement System Deferred Compensation Plans Advisory Committee in 2011. His latest book is the revised edition of The New Rules of Retirement (Wiley, 2016; first edition 2004).

Who is the target market for Carlson investments?

Mainly, retirees and people over 50 years old are the target market. Among the topics Carlson covers are social security, estate, and annuities. Aside from these, the editor will also help you strategize your investments. Its goal is for you to have plenty of money by retirement.

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