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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stop bluestone from spalling?

This product is safer to use for Bluestone, concrete, pets and the environment and should reduce spalling. Leaves no reside and no tracking. Calcium Chloride- Available in pelletized form with an effective melting point of -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Use only as much product as is necessary (a little amount goes a long way).

How is bluestone treated?

Depending on the density of the stone, the cubes are then treated in one of two ways. The densest stone goes through a spalling process: Once removed from its natural environment, bluestone is cut along horizontal sections, thoroughly soaked with water and then heated with a propane torch.

What should I do if my stone is spalling?

If spalling progresses too far, the stone will wind up needing to be replaced, so it is best to address the problem as early as possible, by contacting a stone restoration expert to evaluate the stone.

How is flagstone spalling done?

The spalling process produces thermal flagstone which features a perfectly even finish for the flagstone. Less dense cubes (where layering is visible when removed from the quarry) will become natural clef flagstone after several weeks of air-drying. During this time, the bluestone will naturally separate along fissures.

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