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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Blues Traveler album?

The best album by Blues Traveler is Four which is ranked number 5,422 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 297.

Who died in Blues Traveler?

Blues Traveler bassist Bobby Sheehan died of an accidental drug overdose, the New Orleans coroner has announced.

Who is the girl in the Blues Traveler run around video?

Dorothy's characterization in the 1939 film is more of a damsel in distress, somewhat unlike the adventurous, forthright and bold Dorothy of the books. In the video for Blues Traveler's 1994 hit song "Run-Around", Dorothy tries to get into a club where the band is performing. She is portrayed by actress Diana Marquis.

Who is the lead singer for the Blues Traveler?

Popper is a founding member of Blues Traveler, serving as the band's front man with lead vocals and harmonica. For some songs, he forgoes the harmonica in favor of guitar, most often a 12-string acoustic.

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