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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play the blues scale on guitar?

Another great way to practice the blues scales on guitar is to spend time playing each shape up and down the neck of your guitar. Starting with the E-shaped blues scale, play each scale ascending and descending, beginning at the first fret and moving up one fret for each repetition of the shape.

What chords are used in blues scales on guitar?

The 12-bar blues is traditionally three chords, the I, IV, and V of a scale. In the case of the A minor blues scale, those chords are A, D, and E. However, to play a blues shuffle you won’t be strumming those chords as you know them.

What is the major blues scale?

The major blues scale is one of the most important blues scales to know. It is built with tonic (1), second (2), minor third ( b 3 - passing tone), major third (3), fifth (5) and sixth (6). The major blues scale is a useful device when you want to improvise over major and dominant chords, indeed it will gives some bluesy vibes to your guitar solos.

What notes are included in a blues scale?

The blues scale is a six-note progression that sounds right at home in blues, rock, and country music. This scale is essentially the pentatonic scale plus one chromatic note, often called the blue note. This extra step gives the blues scale that unmistakably bluesy sound.

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