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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Donovan Patton leave Blues Clues?

‘Blue’s Clues’ was an innovative TV program and one of the best examples of how to package educative content in a flashy and attractive animated show. Since its premiere, viewers got acquainted with the host Steve Burns, who earned love and respect from his young audience with his energetic hosting and charm.

Did Blues Clues go to jail?

Steve Burns hosted Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues for seven years. The hit puzzle show for kids made them feel like they were playing along at home. Burns somehow walked the fine line between creepy ...

Why did Steve from Blues Clues go to jail?

Well, it went on for everyone except Steve. According to the internet, Burns died. One of the first causes was supposedly a drug overdose, but people also said he was killed in a car crash or met some other unsavory fate. That would at least explain why he wasn’t on the show, anyway. But, Burns himself is now denying those claims.

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