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Frequently Asked Questions

Which face masks match your dress?

Helmstedt and Collina Strada’s masks match their dresses and printed button-downs to a T, Reformation’s latest campaign features floral face masks that match its billowy sundresses, and Camp Collection’s new masks correspond to its ’70s ringer tees.

What makes a good face mask design?

In most cities, cloth face masks have become as commonplace as white T-shirts, and it hasn’t taken long for brands to infuse their creativity into face mask designs. Many designers dreamt up innovative iterations that boast oversized bows, intricate beading, or even 3D-knit tongues.

What color top should you wear with a pink mask?

If you have a pink mask, wear a pink top. Or, if you want to wear yellow, go with something in the same color family. It doesn't have to be a perfect match — color blocking is cute, too! Add a comment... Instagram If your look is somewhat simple, a fun pattern or vibrant shade can add a little something extra. Add a comment... Instagram

Is it shocking to see dress-masks on Instagram?

So it's no longer shocking to scroll through Instagram and spot a mask that purposely adds a pop of print or color to a look, or to see a dress-mask set being advertised in our email. RELATED: This Internet Famous Dress Comes In Mask Form, Too

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