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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of blossoms of the Savannah?

Blossoms of the Savannah. Blossoms of the Savannah is an account of two sisters, Taiyo and Resian, who are not only on the verge of womanhood, but are torn between their personal ambitions and the humiliating duty to the Nasila tradition. Their relocation to their rural home heralds a cultural alienation born of their refusal to succumb...

What is the value of Boy-Child in blossoms of the Savannah?

Boy-child is highly valued in Nasila community as presented in Blossoms of the Savannahand this kind is seen by the fact that ole Kaelo desired boys but, unfortunately, he ended up with two girls who were not highly regarded in this particular community: ―When his wife got pregnant the second time, he prayed for a healthy baby boy …‖

What is the problem in the novels blossoms of the Savannah and vanishing herds?

Statement of the Problem The two novelsBlossoms of the Savannah (2008) and Vanishing Herds (2011) by Henry ole Kulet show the writer‘s concern with the role of the Maasai woman in society. He uses women protagonists in the two novels to elevate the roles of women in the society.

Who is Resian in blossoms of the Savannah?

In Blossoms of the Savannah,Resian is a woman among other women. Some are helpful in her quest such as Taiyo and Nabaru while the others are not such as her mother, her uncle‘s eldest wife, Yeiyo botorr and Olarinkoi‘s mother. 109 For one Mama Milanoi, her own mother, appears defenseless against tradition.

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