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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blossoms of the Savannah on Goodreads?

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Blossoms of the Savannah follows the lives of two young sisters on the verge of womanhood. Taiyo and Resian both become aware of the conflict between their personal dreams and their duty to the Nasila tradition and culture. H. R.

What is the plot of''blossoms of the Savannah''?

Blossoms of the Savannah is an account of two sisters, Taiyo and Resian, who are not only on the verge of womanhood, but are torn between their personal ambitions and the humiliating duty to the...

Who is Taiyo in blossoms of the Savannah?

Blossoms of the Savannah, Taiyo is Resian‘s sister who can be said to be very helpful to her. She is the one with whom they face the tribulations of culture together. Nabaru too is a catalyst of change as she assists Resian by caring for her, as her own child, nurses her back to health after

Who is Resian in blossoms of the Savannah?

In Blossoms of the Savannah,Resian is a woman among other women. Some are helpful in her quest such as Taiyo and Nabaru while the others are not such as her mother, her uncle‘s eldest wife, Yeiyo botorr and Olarinkoi‘s mother. 109 For one Mama Milanoi, her own mother, appears defenseless against tradition.

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